Chapter 3.6- Stay at home dad

Aaron quit his job so he could stay home with the boys and also write more books. Julie made a video game. Alec became a toddler and looks the most like Julie. Megen died of old age Aaron cooked some food. Julie had her third child, another buy she named Aric. She was soon pregnant… Continue reading Chapter 3.6- Stay at home dad

Chapter 3.2- Welcome Adam

Julie had to clean the toilet after throwing up in it one too many times. Julie and Aaron worked on their skills. Julie repaired the dishwasher. Megan chose an new aspiration. Megan made a bunny She also upgraded the tv Aaron got promoted Aaron and Megan improved their skills Julie played video games. Aaron had… Continue reading Chapter 3.2- Welcome Adam

Chapter 2.12- Getting Older

Megan helps her daughter with her homework She watches some tv after a hard day at work She checks herself out in the mirror Julie plays some video games Megan does some cleaning She also relaxes in the hot-tub Julie does some reading standing up despite the chair at the side and the sofa behind.… Continue reading Chapter 2.12- Getting Older

Chapter 2.9- Socialising

Julie spends a lot of time at the park meeting new people Megan mastered her guitar skill Julie and Rebecca spend a lot of time together Megan got promoted Julie mastered the social skill She became best friends with Rebecca Julie witnessed two deaths in the park Julie was soon a teenager, She eats anything… Continue reading Chapter 2.9- Socialising

Chapter 1.15- Gaming Fun

Alise sat down with Megan and told her about how she would be leading the family when she came of age. Nobuya fixed the doll’s house Alise made a new app Megan played games Nobuya wrongly diagnosed this patient and lost some work performance Liam is becoming better at mental skill He likes to make… Continue reading Chapter 1.15- Gaming Fun

Chapter 1.6- Bonding Time

Amie is a very studious child who always does his homework without being asked. Amie also loves to visit the library and meet new people. She also developed her social skill. She even met a new friend there who she loves to chat and be funny with. Amie soon developed her skill to level 4… Continue reading Chapter 1.6- Bonding Time