Chapter 5.3- Twins

Blake decided to go swimming, he did improve his fitness Betsy worked on the rocket Blake got a chance card Boris needed Advice Andy and Blake both got promotions Boris got a chance card As did Andy Aiden became a toddler that is the image of his daddy. Arabella started potty training him Soon after… Continue reading Chapter 5.3- Twins

Chapter 2.4- Single Motherhood

Julie has two new cousins, Derricks little sister Quinn just had twins. Megan got promoted She cooked some breakfast Megan got another promotion She decided to become an entertainer Julie became a silly toddler Julie loves to be read too She also can’t sleep without a bedtime story every night Megan got promoted Julie also… Continue reading Chapter 2.4- Single Motherhood

Chapter 1.4- The Fire

Amie enjoys looking at the pictures in her books and retelling the stories from them Alise got another promotion, soon more rooms will be able to be added. Amie can now climb stairs, good thing that the family can’t afford them Alise finds changing her daughters diaper quite a challenge Amie loves bath time but… Continue reading Chapter 1.4- The Fire