Chapter 6.1- Summer comes to an end

Soon it was Summer fun day. Leon had lots of fun. He went swimming, played on the slip n slide and did a fireworks display. Sara still enjoys making robots she is also a great dancer Leon repaired the dishwasher He got a job He went to the gym and did some working out He… Continue reading Chapter 6.1- Summer comes to an end

Chapter 10.2- Summer Fun

Destiny enjoys playing with dolls Blossom was soon an elder She retired Promotions Learning time Douglas was soon a child He enjoys playing video games He also enjoys playing on the slip n slide in the new water play area he enjoys playing with the dolls house too Blossom helped her granddaughter with her thinking… Continue reading Chapter 10.2- Summer Fun

Chapter 9.1- Birthdays

Blossom got a job A greenhouse was created and Blossom started planting some seeds Soon her garden was growing and she worked on it She also worked on her cooking, soon she would have a child hopefully to feed Billy was soon a teenager and an interesting one at that, he is now jealous. Meet… Continue reading Chapter 9.1- Birthdays

Chapter 7.12- Over achievers

Damon did some boxing Darena did some yoga Damon had a bad day at school Lauryn achieved her aspiration repair time Lucas decided to become a writer Morning swims are a great way to get ready for the day Lucas played chess with his daughter Lauryn likes to make potions Darena got promoted Lucas had… Continue reading Chapter 7.12- Over achievers

Chapter 3.14- Overachieving

Julie gets promoted Arabella enjoys swinging on the monkeybars She also likes to swim Albert and Aric work together Arabella achieves her 3rd aspiration She now wants to become very clever The twins play chess together Julie burns dinner to the pan Adam did some cooking Aaron and Julie have fun in the hot-tub. Aric… Continue reading Chapter 3.14- Overachieving

Chapter 3.2- Welcome Adam

Julie had to clean the toilet after throwing up in it one too many times. Julie and Aaron worked on their skills. Julie repaired the dishwasher. Megan chose an new aspiration. Megan made a bunny She also upgraded the tv Aaron got promoted Aaron and Megan improved their skills Julie played video games. Aaron had… Continue reading Chapter 3.2- Welcome Adam