Chapter 5.5- Moving on

Sara completed her final term Sara did some repairs She had her birthday Sara went to her graduation ceremony She also completed her aspiration she got a job she worked on her robotics Leon worked on his school project she did some tasks for work Leon became a perfectionist as a young adult. He will… Continue reading Chapter 5.5- Moving on

Chapter 5.2- Toddler Fun

Soon Leon was an adorable toddler he enjoys experimenting with his creativity He also likes to dance He also likes to go exploring in the cupboards He is doing well with his toilet training Sara enrolled in Uni Sara works on her homework Leon enjoys blocks play Sloane does flashcards with him Sara enjoys relaxing… Continue reading Chapter 5.2- Toddler Fun

Chapter 3.4- The End of A generation

Alek did some repairs Alex got promoted Conrad had his birthday and is now a teenager. He rolled Loves outdoors to go with Genius. His aspiration is Renaissance sim. He is still a good student he enjoys learning robotics Alek sung some karoake Conrad worked on repairs Alek did yoga He too worked on robotics… Continue reading Chapter 3.4- The End of A generation

Chapter 3.1- Goodbyes and Hello

Alec used the computer He did some dancing He also cooked Aric went for a jog Alec got into University and is doing a history degree. He wants to become a judge. He will be living at home Alec likes to do everything in his towel even the repairs. Jack was soon an elder Alec… Continue reading Chapter 3.1- Goodbyes and Hello

Chapter 2.5- Sadness

Alec is a great help around the house and will help with repairs. he enjoys jogging around town He also loves to swim Chess is a family game now giving his son tips on working out Amaya had her birthday Jack got promoted Aric enjoys dancing Amaya got promoted Alec went skating and mostly managed… Continue reading Chapter 2.5- Sadness

Chapter 1.5- Teens

Josie did some art Jack played chess with his dad Maya also enjoys art Jack completed his final aspiration James is doing great in school Maya loves the snow Mai mastered painting Jack enjoyed playing in the snow. Jack was soon a teenager. He rolled Self-Assured adding it to Creative. His aspiration is Fabously wealthy.… Continue reading Chapter 1.5- Teens