Chapter 4.4- Goodbye Julie

The twins seem to get dirty a lot so Arabella spends a lot of time being splashed. Arabella completed her sixth Aspiration She chose her next one Betsy adores daddy Blake and always runs to him for playtime when he finishes work Belinda prefers to play in the doll’s house in the children’s room. Arabella… Continue reading Chapter 4.4- Goodbye Julie

Chapter 4.1- Dating and Marriage

Arabella played video games to get her fun up and also to waste time until she could invite Blake over and make their realsionship official. She also joined the critic career Soon it was the daytime and Arabella greeted Blake with a kiss. She also told some jokes and they became besties Then they got… Continue reading Chapter 4.1- Dating and Marriage

Chapter 3.17- Ghostly Visits

The bathtub broke down and Julie had to fix it. Adam invited Alec down to the local Spa where he had a great time participating in a Yoga class, meditating and catching up with his big brother. The other bath broke down and Arabella fixed it, she was a legacy heir after all and should… Continue reading Chapter 3.17- Ghostly Visits

Chapter 3.16- Goodbyes

<img src=”; alt=”1″ width=”1920″ height=”1080″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-969″/> Sadly while Arabella was on a date , Adam decided to keep swimming despite being tired and hungry and died in the pool. Alec was sad that his dad was gone and decided to watch some tv to cheer himself up The next few days were filled… Continue reading Chapter 3.16- Goodbyes

Chapter 3.14- Overachieving

Julie gets promoted Arabella enjoys swinging on the monkeybars She also likes to swim Albert and Aric work together Arabella achieves her 3rd aspiration She now wants to become very clever The twins play chess together Julie burns dinner to the pan Adam did some cooking Aaron and Julie have fun in the hot-tub. Aric… Continue reading Chapter 3.14- Overachieving

Chapter 3.9- Advice Train

Adam is doing well in school Alec wants to be a pirate Alec and Adam work on school projects together Adam gets some advice Julie spends some time with Aric Adam takes part in a spelling bee. The twins explore their toys. Albert is the imaginative one wheras Arabella is more of a thinker The… Continue reading Chapter 3.9- Advice Train

Chapter 3.4- Adorable Toddler Adam

Megan Achieved another aspiration, now she will just enjoy her elder hood She played in some trash She chatted with her son in law Adam became a charming toddler The house was demolished and a new one made Megan and Aaron relaxed in the hot-tub. Julie has a new way to hold her son Aaron… Continue reading Chapter 3.4- Adorable Toddler Adam