Chapter 6.1- Summer comes to an end

Soon it was Summer fun day. Leon had lots of fun. He went swimming, played on the slip n slide and did a fireworks display. Sara still enjoys making robots she is also a great dancer Leon repaired the dishwasher He got a job He went to the gym and did some working out He… Continue reading Chapter 6.1- Summer comes to an end

Chapter 6.5- A houseful of toddlers

Dave and Daisy were soon adorable little toddlers. They both got brown eyes but they are totally different. Dave has his mum’s hair and dad’s skin whereas Daisy has her mums skin and dads hair. Dave loves the ball pit in the toddlers room and is always jumping and rolling in it. He also loves… Continue reading Chapter 6.5- A houseful of toddlers

Chapter 1.6- Bonding Time

Amie is a very studious child who always does his homework without being asked. Amie also loves to visit the library and meet new people. She also developed her social skill. She even met a new friend there who she loves to chat and be funny with. Amie soon developed her skill to level 4… Continue reading Chapter 1.6- Bonding Time