Chapter 5.1- Adding to the family

Betsy and mum Arabella are still close and can often be found having cosy chats whilst eating their meals or over deserts and treats such as popcorn and ice-cream. They also like to play chess together. Arabella currently wins but Betsy is getting better and hopes to win soon. Betsy has become quite close with… Continue reading Chapter 5.1- Adding to the family

Chapter 1.17- Birthdays

Nobuya became an elder Megan played with the dolls house Alise did some cooking Nobuya worked on his rocket The twins became teenagers Nobuya did some upgrading He chatted with some friends He still cooks for the children otherwise they would just eat junk Megan did a presentation Alise got promoted Nobuya repaired the fridge… Continue reading Chapter 1.17- Birthdays