Chapter 6.7- Duchess

Leon was soon an adult Cayla did some repairs Sara died of old age Cayla repaired the sink Caiden enjoys playing outside either swinging across the monkey bars or using the swing Leon repaired the stereo The boys play chess together Caiden achieved his aspiration Caiden was soon a teenager. He added Snob to Lazy… Continue reading Chapter 6.7- Duchess

Chapter 6.1- Summer comes to an end

Soon it was Summer fun day. Leon had lots of fun. He went swimming, played on the slip n slide and did a fireworks display. Sara still enjoys making robots she is also a great dancer Leon repaired the dishwasher He got a job He went to the gym and did some working out He… Continue reading Chapter 6.1- Summer comes to an end

Chapter 8.13- Goodbyes

Blossom started learning to play the violin Beau became a teen who loves dogs Lauryn started potty training her youngest Billy loves to chatter away to the dinosaur in his brothers room. Bailey became a Young Adult who loves video games. He moved out. Billy likes to play with the cat toy Blossom enjoys science… Continue reading Chapter 8.13- Goodbyes

Chapter 8.3- Free Food

It was soon night on the town and the family had a lovely meal at the Italian restaurant and didn’t have to pay a penny. Lauryn was soon expecting again, after all, she needs a boy to continue the challenge. Lauryn decided to cook dinner for the family Breaker got promoted Breaker also did some… Continue reading Chapter 8.3- Free Food

Chapter 7.12- Over achievers

Damon did some boxing Darena did some yoga Damon had a bad day at school Lauryn achieved her aspiration repair time Lucas decided to become a writer Morning swims are a great way to get ready for the day Lucas played chess with his daughter Lauryn likes to make potions Darena got promoted Lucas had… Continue reading Chapter 7.12- Over achievers

Chapter 7.7- Toddler Skills

Lewis loves to splash around in the pool He also likes to hide in the tunnels Darena did some repairs Sibling Bonding Lauryn is already a multitasker, Chatting away to Lewis whilst playing games on the tablets Lauryn mastered the potty, what a clever girl Alayna had fun on the slip n slide Lauryn enjoys… Continue reading Chapter 7.7- Toddler Skills