Chapter 7.1- A new business

The Family adopted a cat called Honey Caiden plays with Honey he reapirs the sink Audrey and Caiden get married Audrey was soon pregnant She decided to go in education Caiden cooks Cayla paints Caiden opens a small neighbourhood vets clinic Audrey does some research Cayla paints dancing fun Honey has a birthday Audrey does… Continue reading Chapter 7.1- A new business

Chapter 6.2- Bonding

Cayla did some painting she also enjoys cooking Leon got promoted Sara continues to work on her inventions Sara got promoted Cayla went to view some paintings at the museum Cayla soon went into labour and headed to the hospital. She gave birth to her son and heir Caiden. Caiden is doted on my the… Continue reading Chapter 6.2- Bonding

Chapter 1.2- A home

Soon Jack was born. repairs were needed The spare was soon on it’s way Some cooking was done thankfully no fires were started Jack became a toddler, he rolled the Angelic trait Promotions Mai reads her son to sleep in his new bedroom The house is coming along nicely. It now has a bathroom, two… Continue reading Chapter 1.2- A home

Chapter 7.14- More Goodbyes

Lauryn did some grilled and improved her cooking to Level 2 She also went fishing Darena got promoted The twins had their birthday and moved out Lucas did some painting Lauryn did some boxing she practiced her lines for the school play Darena did some yoga Christmas eve arrived, lots of fun was had decorating… Continue reading Chapter 7.14- More Goodbyes

Chapter 7.3- Another Boy

Alayna bonded with her youngest by playing dolls with him. She also potty trained him Darena did some painting She also started potty training Landon Alayna played the piano Liam and Lucas made a snow pal together Liam and Landon chatted together Lucas enjoys jumping in trash Darena cooked some dinner She also went into… Continue reading Chapter 7.3- Another Boy

Chapter 7.2- Triple the toddlers, triple the fun

Darena was soon expecting her 3rd child. She and Lucas decided to bulldoze the old house and bluith a more spacious one with plenty of space for the children. Soon the twins were toddlers and identical so they got different hair do’s They are very different though. Landon prefers imaginative games with dolls whereas Liam… Continue reading Chapter 7.2- Triple the toddlers, triple the fun

Chapter 6.18- Passing the torch

Daniel and Alayna enjoy watching the clouds. Alayna practised her chess skills Darena had her birthday and became an adult but can’t take over yet until we find out what the baby is. She loved bowling though and all her presents. She does like to be alone. She decided to join the painter career She… Continue reading Chapter 6.18- Passing the torch