Chapter 5.7- Childhood

Aiden loves to dance Arabella got a raise Aiden and Amanda played with dolls together Betsy improved her logic Aiden becomes a child and he wants a dog. Betsy used the microscope Aiden did some artwork Andy plays video games Betsy finally wins a game of chess against her mum She completed her aspiration Aiden… Continue reading Chapter 5.7- Childhood

Chapter 5.5- Bye Boris

Arabella doesn’t want her eldest grandchild to feel left out so spends time with him every day chatting to him. Amanda loves crawling through the tunnels Alayna prefers the dolls house Arabella did flashcard with Alayna Blake became an elder Betsy improved her cooking, lets hope she don’t set fire to the stove any more.… Continue reading Chapter 5.5- Bye Boris

Chapter 4.8- Adventures and Teenagers

Boris and Blake are quite close and every day Boris runs for a hug no matter where his dad is. Arabella too tries to spend time with Boris She also likes to work-out Blake became an adult Belinda still loves to dance Betsy loves to play dolls with her dad Arabella did some repairs The… Continue reading Chapter 4.8- Adventures and Teenagers

Chapter 4.7- Birthdays

Boris was soon a toddler The girls love doing their homework in the toddler room Boris loves the new butler Betsy loves being a pirate Blake got promoted Arabella met and had some bonding time with her niece Boris played dolls And chatted with the butler Arabella got promoted She had some bonding time with… Continue reading Chapter 4.7- Birthdays

Chapter 4.4- Goodbye Julie

The twins seem to get dirty a lot so Arabella spends a lot of time being splashed. Arabella completed her sixth Aspiration She chose her next one Betsy adores daddy Blake and always runs to him for playtime when he finishes work Belinda prefers to play in the doll’s house in the children’s room. Arabella… Continue reading Chapter 4.4- Goodbye Julie

Chapter 2.7- Repairing Time

Megan is becoming quite the superstar with the guitar Megan repairs the dishwasher Megan also had to repair the sink Megan got promoted Julie played with the dolls Megan mixed some drinks Megan also had to repair the bath Megan also mastered Gourmet Cooking Julie played houses and homes She also mastered the creativity skill.

Chapter 2.6- Birthdays

Megan now wants to become a master chef Megan joined the culinary career Megan got a promotion Julie loves to chatter about her day Julie was soon a child who likes everything to be perfect and wants to be an artist She loves to draw Megan repaired the fridge She also had to mop the… Continue reading Chapter 2.6- Birthdays