Chapter 6.7- Duchess

Leon was soon an adult Cayla did some repairs Sara died of old age Cayla repaired the sink Caiden enjoys playing outside either swinging across the monkey bars or using the swing Leon repaired the stereo The boys play chess together Caiden achieved his aspiration Caiden was soon a teenager. He added Snob to Lazy… Continue reading Chapter 6.7- Duchess

Chapter 4.5- Passing on the Torch

Sloane repairs the bath Conrad gets promoted Sara is a good student Sara did some cooking Conrad achieved his aspiration Sloane mastered painting Sara and Toby are now dating Alek died Sara applied for Uni she works on her school project Conrad starts bluilding a rocket Sara is soon a Young Adult ready to take… Continue reading Chapter 4.5- Passing on the Torch

Chapter 4.4- Birthdays

The family enjoy helping with school projects Conrad had his birthday Sara is doing well in school she chose a new aspiration she plays chess Sloane paints Sara achieved her 3rd aspiration She made some new friends, Meet Toby she and Sloane are very close Alek is very popular she achieved her final aspiration Sara… Continue reading Chapter 4.4- Birthdays

Chapter 4.2- Goodbyes and Hello

Conrad got a promotion He had some fun in the snow He repaired the stove The family enjoyed decorating the tree Alex died Sloane went into labour and Sara was born Sloane and Conrad made a snow pal Sloane is a very doting and hands on mum Soon Sara was a toddler. She rolled the… Continue reading Chapter 4.2- Goodbyes and Hello

Chapter 3.3- Learning Fun

Alek enjoys making music Conrad enjoys swinging across the monkey bars He also enjoys science Alex practices her bar skills Alek gets promoted Conrad is a good student Alex also gets promoted Alek and Amaya enjoy jogging no matter the weather Amaya died of old age Alex did some repairs Jack practised robotics Alex cleared… Continue reading Chapter 3.3- Learning Fun

Chapter 3.1- Goodbyes and Hello

Alec used the computer He did some dancing He also cooked Aric went for a jog Alec got into University and is doing a history degree. He wants to become a judge. He will be living at home Alec likes to do everything in his towel even the repairs. Jack was soon an elder Alec… Continue reading Chapter 3.1- Goodbyes and Hello