Chapter 5.10- Choices, Choices, Choices

Archer is doing really well at toilet training and most days will take himself to the potty after waking up. Arabella got a chance card at work, she made the right decision though and improved her performance at work Aiden is doing well at school and got a B on his report card. Betsy had… Continue reading Chapter 5.10- Choices, Choices, Choices

Chapter 5.7- Childhood

Aiden loves to dance Arabella got a raise Aiden and Amanda played with dolls together Betsy improved her logic Aiden becomes a child and he wants a dog. Betsy used the microscope Aiden did some artwork Andy plays video games Betsy finally wins a game of chess against her mum She completed her aspiration Aiden… Continue reading Chapter 5.7- Childhood

Chapter 5.4- Visiting Space

Now that she wasn’t pregnant, Betsy was able to climb into the spaceship and explore space. Arabella decided to visit the gym on her lunch break The living room is always busy, Aiden likes to snack there whilst he watches cartoons, Betsy likes to play chess and Blake enjoys dancing. Blake loves jumping in trash… Continue reading Chapter 5.4- Visiting Space

Chapter 5.3- Twins

Blake decided to go swimming, he did improve his fitness Betsy worked on the rocket Blake got a chance card Boris needed Advice Andy and Blake both got promotions Boris got a chance card As did Andy Aiden became a toddler that is the image of his daddy. Arabella started potty training him Soon after… Continue reading Chapter 5.3- Twins

Chapter 4.9- Passing the torch

Arabella went to a dance party at the bluffs She gave some advice She and Blake did some dancing Blake used the climbing wall Boris became a Teenager Betsy did some reading She also made a knife block and a mirror She even upgraded the toilet Soon the twins were Young Adults, Belinda moved out… Continue reading Chapter 4.9- Passing the torch

Chapter 4.5- Another Baby

Blake is quite the hands on dad and even helps at bath times Arabella got a chance card She was soon expecting again, she hopes for a boy. She likes playing the piano Belinda enjoys playing with blocks Blake got promoted He enjoys fishing He also helps with cooking Belinda also loves to dance Arabella… Continue reading Chapter 4.5- Another Baby

Chapter 1.11- Birthdays Galore

Liam loves to dance and is really fast on his feet. Amie has found a new love video games and is quite good at them Liam loves to have bubble baths Liam also loves imaginative play with the toys More skills are developed Daddy and Daughter time. Megan loves to be span around on daddies… Continue reading Chapter 1.11- Birthdays Galore