Chapter 4.5- Another Baby

Blake is quite the hands on dad and even helps at bath times Arabella got a chance card She was soon expecting again, she hopes for a boy. She likes playing the piano Belinda enjoys playing with blocks Blake got promoted He enjoys fishing He also helps with cooking Belinda also loves to dance Arabella… Continue reading Chapter 4.5- Another Baby

Chapter 3.17- Ghostly Visits

The bathtub broke down and Julie had to fix it. Adam invited Alec down to the local Spa where he had a great time participating in a Yoga class, meditating and catching up with his big brother. The other bath broke down and Arabella fixed it, she was a legacy heir after all and should… Continue reading Chapter 3.17- Ghostly Visits

Chapter 3.16- Goodbyes

<img src=”; alt=”1″ width=”1920″ height=”1080″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-969″/> Sadly while Arabella was on a date , Adam decided to keep swimming despite being tired and hungry and died in the pool. Alec was sad that his dad was gone and decided to watch some tv to cheer himself up The next few days were filled… Continue reading Chapter 3.16- Goodbyes

Chapter 3.14- Overachieving

Julie gets promoted Arabella enjoys swinging on the monkeybars She also likes to swim Albert and Aric work together Arabella achieves her 3rd aspiration She now wants to become very clever The twins play chess together Julie burns dinner to the pan Adam did some cooking Aaron and Julie have fun in the hot-tub. Aric… Continue reading Chapter 3.14- Overachieving

Chapter 3.13- Achievements

Arabella mastered being a social butterfly and now wants to be a creative visionary She loves playing with this cute green dragon Adam got time out for smashing the dolls house He enjoys hitting the dino when he is angry Arabella enjoys playing the piano Alec enjoys fishing Adam repaired the bath Alec was soon… Continue reading Chapter 3.13- Achievements

Chapter 3.11- Finally no more toddlers

The twins enjoy playing with their new tablets Aric likes spying on the neighbourhood Julie did some cooking Adam mastered creativity Julie did some more repairing She played chess with Aric Adam needed advice Aaron became an Adult The twins became children Arabella made a new friend Aric is doing well in school. Julie is… Continue reading Chapter 3.11- Finally no more toddlers

Chapter 3.5- Doting Granny

Julie did some programming for work Megen hugged little Adam Adam loves it when his granny plays aeroplanes with him She even started toilet training him Julie got promoted As did Aaron He enjoys cooking He also enjoys chatting away to his toddler son Adam loves the blocks. Julie had her 2nd child. It was… Continue reading Chapter 3.5- Doting Granny