Chapter 1.13- Broken Appliances, it never ends.

Amie also likes to clean Alise fixed the bath Amie learnt charisma Nobuya forgot how to operate the x-ray machine but soon remembered again He also ran a treadmill test He can also perform surgery Amie fixed the computer after breaking it The family had a meal together and talked about their days Amie fixed… Continue reading Chapter 1.13- Broken Appliances, it never ends.

Chapter 1.3- Toddler Learning

Nobuya is very busy at work with his cleaning and socialising. He has started learning to use the equipment at least. Amie is now a toddler and a clingy one at that. She loves her new toys and is soon building her imagination and thinking skills There is not enough money for a highchair right… Continue reading Chapter 1.3- Toddler Learning