Chapter 3.3- Flying in space

Julie gained parenting skill Aaron started writing a cooking book Julie relaxed in the hot-tub. Megan explored space in her rocket She mastered the skill Julie was soon expecting her 2nd child. She hopes for a girl this time. Megan repaired the computer. She bonded with her grandson She cleaned the bath Julie got promoted… Continue reading Chapter 3.3- Flying in space

Chapter 2.12- Getting Older

Megan helps her daughter with her homework She watches some tv after a hard day at work She checks herself out in the mirror Julie plays some video games Megan does some cleaning She also relaxes in the hot-tub Julie does some reading standing up despite the chair at the side and the sofa behind.… Continue reading Chapter 2.12- Getting Older

Chapter 2.7- Repairing Time

Megan is becoming quite the superstar with the guitar Megan repairs the dishwasher Megan also had to repair the sink Megan got promoted Julie played with the dolls Megan mixed some drinks Megan also had to repair the bath Megan also mastered Gourmet Cooking Julie played houses and homes She also mastered the creativity skill.

Chapter 1.13- Broken Appliances, it never ends.

Amie also likes to clean Alise fixed the bath Amie learnt charisma Nobuya forgot how to operate the x-ray machine but soon remembered again He also ran a treadmill test He can also perform surgery Amie fixed the computer after breaking it The family had a meal together and talked about their days Amie fixed… Continue reading Chapter 1.13- Broken Appliances, it never ends.

Chapter 1.3- Toddler Learning

Nobuya is very busy at work with his cleaning and socialising. He has started learning to use the equipment at least. Amie is now a toddler and a clingy one at that. She loves her new toys and is soon building her imagination and thinking skills There is not enough money for a highchair right… Continue reading Chapter 1.3- Toddler Learning