Chapter 3.8- The Pool

Adam likes pretending to explore space He also loves swimming in the new pool Julie did some repairs Adam used the monkeybars Julie now aspires to be rich Aaron completed his aspiration He wants to be rich too The twins became adorable toddlers. A new nanny arrives Aaron does some repairs Alec becomes a child… Continue reading Chapter 3.8- The Pool

Chapter 2.9- Socialising

Julie spends a lot of time at the park meeting new people Megan mastered her guitar skill Julie and Rebecca spend a lot of time together Megan got promoted Julie mastered the social skill She became best friends with Rebecca Julie witnessed two deaths in the park Julie was soon a teenager, She eats anything… Continue reading Chapter 2.9- Socialising

Chapter 1.19- Birthday Time

Liam played some chess Megan repaired the dishwasher Alise retired Megan and Alise chatted together She trolled the forums some more Alise repaired the fridge Megan did some mischief She got caught but manged to talk her one out of trouble Alise started writing a new book Liam did some cooking He also repaired the… Continue reading Chapter 1.19- Birthday Time

Chapter 1.11- Birthdays Galore

Liam loves to dance and is really fast on his feet. Amie has found a new love video games and is quite good at them Liam loves to have bubble baths Liam also loves imaginative play with the toys More skills are developed Daddy and Daughter time. Megan loves to be span around on daddies… Continue reading Chapter 1.11- Birthdays Galore