Chapter 6.8-Dating

Cayla got promoted Caiden made a salad Cayla became an adult duchess loves to get dirty and play in trash Caiden bathed and then played with Duchess Cullen became a teenager. he added Jealous to perfectionist. His aspiration is Soulmate. Caiden has a great realsionship with Duchess Caiden finally taught Duchess to not play in… Continue reading Chapter 6.8-Dating

Chapter 6.7- Duchess

Leon was soon an adult Cayla did some repairs Sara died of old age Cayla repaired the sink Caiden enjoys playing outside either swinging across the monkey bars or using the swing Leon repaired the stereo The boys play chess together Caiden achieved his aspiration Caiden was soon a teenager. He added Snob to Lazy… Continue reading Chapter 6.7- Duchess

Chapter 6.4- Birthdays

Leon likes to keep in shape for work Cullen became a toddler. He rolled the Fussy trait Cullen and Caiden are the best of friends Sara worked on Cullen’s skills Cayla got promoted Cayla enjoys reading bedtime stories to her boys she does some painting Leon works out Sara becomes an elder Caiden becomes a… Continue reading Chapter 6.4- Birthdays

Chapter 6.2- Bonding

Cayla did some painting she also enjoys cooking Leon got promoted Sara continues to work on her inventions Sara got promoted Cayla went to view some paintings at the museum Cayla soon went into labour and headed to the hospital. She gave birth to her son and heir Caiden. Caiden is doted on my the… Continue reading Chapter 6.2- Bonding

Chapter 5.5- Moving on

Sara completed her final term Sara did some repairs She had her birthday Sara went to her graduation ceremony She also completed her aspiration she got a job she worked on her robotics Leon worked on his school project she did some tasks for work Leon became a perfectionist as a young adult. He will… Continue reading Chapter 5.5- Moving on