Chapter 6.2- Bonding

Cayla did some painting she also enjoys cooking Leon got promoted Sara continues to work on her inventions Sara got promoted Cayla went to view some paintings at the museum Cayla soon went into labour and headed to the hospital. She gave birth to her son and heir Caiden. Caiden is doted on my the… Continue reading Chapter 6.2- Bonding

Chapter 4.2- Goodbyes and Hello

Conrad got a promotion He had some fun in the snow He repaired the stove The family enjoyed decorating the tree Alex died Sloane went into labour and Sara was born Sloane and Conrad made a snow pal Sloane is a very doting and hands on mum Soon Sara was a toddler. She rolled the… Continue reading Chapter 4.2- Goodbyes and Hello

Chapter 8.2- Eldery

Darena and Breaker are doing well at work Now she’s pregnant, Lauryn likes to keep fit through dancing. Darena still likes to cook and the dishwasher and counter suddenly reappeared Breaker started learning to play the guitar Lauryn did her gig and it went really well, she got gold. She did so well that she… Continue reading Chapter 8.2- Eldery