Chapter 4.5- Another Baby

Blake is quite the hands on dad and even helps at bath times Arabella got a chance card She was soon expecting again, she hopes for a boy. She likes playing the piano Belinda enjoys playing with blocks Blake got promoted He enjoys fishing He also helps with cooking Belinda also loves to dance Arabella… Continue reading Chapter 4.5- Another Baby

Chapter 1.11- Birthdays Galore

Liam loves to dance and is really fast on his feet. Amie has found a new love video games and is quite good at them Liam loves to have bubble baths Liam also loves imaginative play with the toys More skills are developed Daddy and Daughter time. Megan loves to be span around on daddies… Continue reading Chapter 1.11- Birthdays Galore

Chapter 1.4- The Fire

Amie enjoys looking at the pictures in her books and retelling the stories from them Alise got another promotion, soon more rooms will be able to be added. Amie can now climb stairs, good thing that the family can’t afford them Alise finds changing her daughters diaper quite a challenge Amie loves bath time but… Continue reading Chapter 1.4- The Fire