Chapter 1.17- Birthdays

Nobuya became an elder Megan played with the dolls house Alise did some cooking Nobuya worked on his rocket The twins became teenagers Nobuya did some upgrading He chatted with some friends He still cooks for the children otherwise they would just eat junk Megan did a presentation Alise got promoted Nobuya repaired the fridge… Continue reading Chapter 1.17- Birthdays

Chapter 1.15- Gaming Fun

Alise sat down with Megan and told her about how she would be leading the family when she came of age. Nobuya fixed the doll’s house Alise made a new app Megan played games Nobuya wrongly diagnosed this patient and lost some work performance Liam is becoming better at mental skill He likes to make… Continue reading Chapter 1.15- Gaming Fun

Chapter 1.13- Broken Appliances, it never ends.

Amie also likes to clean Alise fixed the bath Amie learnt charisma Nobuya forgot how to operate the x-ray machine but soon remembered again He also ran a treadmill test He can also perform surgery Amie fixed the computer after breaking it The family had a meal together and talked about their days Amie fixed… Continue reading Chapter 1.13- Broken Appliances, it never ends.

Chapter 1.11- Birthdays Galore

Liam loves to dance and is really fast on his feet. Amie has found a new love video games and is quite good at them Liam loves to have bubble baths Liam also loves imaginative play with the toys More skills are developed Daddy and Daughter time. Megan loves to be span around on daddies… Continue reading Chapter 1.11- Birthdays Galore

Chapter 1.10- Developing Toddlers

Liam has a new habit of playing in the toilet Nobuya spends a lot of time fixing the appliances that just love to break down The twin’s communication skills are developing well. Megan loves bath time especially as she can make a big mess and get daddy wet She also loves to play with dad,… Continue reading Chapter 1.10- Developing Toddlers

Chapter 1.8- Cooking Disasters

Nobuya tried out a new recipe and managed to get the food stuck to the pan. He wants another child but Alise said no. They are still close though Amie is great at school but struggles with pe. She loves to do homework and does it as soon as she gets off the school bus… Continue reading Chapter 1.8- Cooking Disasters