Chapter 3.7- Double the tears

Alec and Adam love playing with dolls together Aric is going to be a fun toddler A nanny was hired to help out, three toddlers are hard work and Julie is having a difficult pregnancy Julie got promoted Adam became a child Megen came to visit and Alec got to meet his Grandmother Adam still… Continue reading Chapter 3.7- Double the tears

Chapter 3.6- Stay at home dad

Aaron quit his job so he could stay home with the boys and also write more books. Julie made a video game. Alec became a toddler and looks the most like Julie. Megen died of old age Aaron cooked some food. Julie had her third child, another buy she named Aric. She was soon pregnant… Continue reading Chapter 3.6- Stay at home dad

Chapter 3.5- Doting Granny

Julie did some programming for work Megen hugged little Adam Adam loves it when his granny plays aeroplanes with him She even started toilet training him Julie got promoted As did Aaron He enjoys cooking He also enjoys chatting away to his toddler son Adam loves the blocks. Julie had her 2nd child. It was… Continue reading Chapter 3.5- Doting Granny

Chapter 3.4- Adorable Toddler Adam

Megan Achieved another aspiration, now she will just enjoy her elder hood She played in some trash She chatted with her son in law Adam became a charming toddler The house was demolished and a new one made Megan and Aaron relaxed in the hot-tub. Julie has a new way to hold her son Aaron… Continue reading Chapter 3.4- Adorable Toddler Adam

Chapter 3.3- Flying in space

Julie gained parenting skill Aaron started writing a cooking book Julie relaxed in the hot-tub. Megan explored space in her rocket She mastered the skill Julie was soon expecting her 2nd child. She hopes for a girl this time. Megan repaired the computer. She bonded with her grandson She cleaned the bath Julie got promoted

Chapter 3.2- Welcome Adam

Julie had to clean the toilet after throwing up in it one too many times. Julie and Aaron worked on their skills. Julie repaired the dishwasher. Megan chose an new aspiration. Megan made a bunny She also upgraded the tv Aaron got promoted Aaron and Megan improved their skills Julie played video games. Aaron had… Continue reading Chapter 3.2- Welcome Adam

Chapter 3.1- Meeting Aaron

Julie got a new hairdo and some new clothes now that’s she’s an adult and the leader of Gen 3. She got a job in the tech guru career. She played some video games and improved her skill. She got invited out to ladies night and ran into old schoolmate Aaron, they spent the night… Continue reading Chapter 3.1- Meeting Aaron