Chapter 1.10- Developing Toddlers

Liam has a new habit of playing in the toilet Nobuya spends a lot of time fixing the appliances that just love to break down The twin’s communication skills are developing well. Megan loves bath time especially as she can make a big mess and get daddy wet She also loves to play with dad,… Continue reading Chapter 1.10- Developing Toddlers

Chapter 1.8- Cooking Disasters

Nobuya tried out a new recipe and managed to get the food stuck to the pan. He wants another child but Alise said no. They are still close though Amie is great at school but struggles with pe. She loves to do homework and does it as soon as she gets off the school bus… Continue reading Chapter 1.8- Cooking Disasters

Chapter 1.7- Double Trouble

Nobuya is becoming better at cooking Soon Alise went into labour and it was a surprise. She had multi-gendered twins that she named Megan and Liam. She is doing well with her programming too and is now able to make her work performance change but she prefers to earn promotions through hard work Amie is… Continue reading Chapter 1.7- Double Trouble

Chapter 1.6- Bonding Time

Amie is a very studious child who always does his homework without being asked. Amie also loves to visit the library and meet new people. She also developed her social skill. She even met a new friend there who she loves to chat and be funny with. Amie soon developed her skill to level 4… Continue reading Chapter 1.6- Bonding Time

Chapter 1.5- Promotions and Birthdays

After her near scare, Alise decided to leave the cooking to Nobuya for a while. He makes some great mac n cheese Amie is becoming much more interested in learning and even seems to wake up less in night She still loves her dolls house though She loves it when daddy reads her favourite story… Continue reading Chapter 1.5- Promotions and Birthdays

Chapter 1.4- The Fire

Amie enjoys looking at the pictures in her books and retelling the stories from them Alise got another promotion, soon more rooms will be able to be added. Amie can now climb stairs, good thing that the family can’t afford them Alise finds changing her daughters diaper quite a challenge Amie loves bath time but… Continue reading Chapter 1.4- The Fire