Chapter 1.3- Toddler Learning

Nobuya is very busy at work with his cleaning and socialising. He has started learning to use the equipment at least. Amie is now a toddler and a clingy one at that. She loves her new toys and is soon building her imagination and thinking skills There is not enough money for a highchair right… Continue reading Chapter 1.3- Toddler Learning

Chapter 1.2- The Arrival

I was doing really well with my programming and I had even learnt to hack which come in quite useful when our funds were low and we needed to pay the bills. I needed the water and power to stay on so I could cook and we could wash and keep the place clean. I… Continue reading Chapter 1.2- The Arrival

Chapter 1.1- A New Home

Hello Everyone. My Name is Alise Star and I moved to the lovely town of Willow Creek to start my adult life. I love to read, I seem to get into quite a lot of accidents being clumsy and am quite a Geek. I love computers and want to master them and want to be… Continue reading Chapter 1.1- A New Home