Chapter 6.3- Winter

Cayla was soon pregnant with her 2nd child. she started potty training Caiden Sara enjoys reading her grandson bedtime stories Sara enjoys cooking dinner for the family Sara decided to do flashcards in the snow with Caiden Sara soon mastered the robotics skill Leon enjoyed making a snow angel Caiden played with the stacking blocks… Continue reading Chapter 6.3- Winter

Chapter 6.2- Bonding

Cayla did some painting she also enjoys cooking Leon got promoted Sara continues to work on her inventions Sara got promoted Cayla went to view some paintings at the museum Cayla soon went into labour and headed to the hospital. She gave birth to her son and heir Caiden. Caiden is doted on my the… Continue reading Chapter 6.2- Bonding

Chapter 6.1- Summer comes to an end

Soon it was Summer fun day. Leon had lots of fun. He went swimming, played on the slip n slide and did a fireworks display. Sara still enjoys making robots she is also a great dancer Leon repaired the dishwasher He got a job He went to the gym and did some working out He… Continue reading Chapter 6.1- Summer comes to an end

Chapter 5.5- Moving on

Sara completed her final term Sara did some repairs She had her birthday Sara went to her graduation ceremony She also completed her aspiration she got a job she worked on her robotics Leon worked on his school project she did some tasks for work Leon became a perfectionist as a young adult. He will… Continue reading Chapter 5.5- Moving on

Chapter 5.2- Toddler Fun

Soon Leon was an adorable toddler he enjoys experimenting with his creativity He also likes to dance He also likes to go exploring in the cupboards He is doing well with his toilet training Sara enrolled in Uni Sara works on her homework Leon enjoys blocks play Sloane does flashcards with him Sara enjoys relaxing… Continue reading Chapter 5.2- Toddler Fun