Chapter 5.2- Decisions, Decisions

Boris is doing great at school. Blake got a chance card and had to pick a choice, Soon Betsy went into labour and had a beautiful baby boy She was soon pregnant again, she needs a girl to continue the legacy after all. Arabella got a raise Betsy made some sculptures Andy decided to choose… Continue reading Chapter 5.2- Decisions, Decisions

Chapter 5.1- Adding to the family

Betsy and mum Arabella are still close and can often be found having cosy chats whilst eating their meals or over deserts and treats such as popcorn and ice-cream. They also like to play chess together. Arabella currently wins but Betsy is getting better and hopes to win soon. Betsy has become quite close with… Continue reading Chapter 5.1- Adding to the family

Chapter 4.9- Passing the torch

Arabella went to a dance party at the bluffs She gave some advice She and Blake did some dancing Blake used the climbing wall Boris became a Teenager Betsy did some reading She also made a knife block and a mirror She even upgraded the toilet Soon the twins were Young Adults, Belinda moved out… Continue reading Chapter 4.9- Passing the torch

Chapter 4.8- Adventures and Teenagers

Boris and Blake are quite close and every day Boris runs for a hug no matter where his dad is. Arabella too tries to spend time with Boris She also likes to work-out Blake became an adult Belinda still loves to dance Betsy loves to play dolls with her dad Arabella did some repairs The… Continue reading Chapter 4.8- Adventures and Teenagers

Chapter 4.7- Birthdays

Boris was soon a toddler The girls love doing their homework in the toddler room Boris loves the new butler Betsy loves being a pirate Blake got promoted Arabella met and had some bonding time with her niece Boris played dolls And chatted with the butler Arabella got promoted She had some bonding time with… Continue reading Chapter 4.7- Birthdays

Chapter 4.6- A boy

Blake got promoted Betsy played dolls with mummy Arabella got promoted And just in time too as she gave birth to her son Boris. The girls became children and got different hairstyles as they are still identical. Family dance party The girls are very close and are always playing together and sharing hugs. Blake loves… Continue reading Chapter 4.6- A boy

Chapter 4.5- Another Baby

Blake is quite the hands on dad and even helps at bath times Arabella got a chance card She was soon expecting again, she hopes for a boy. She likes playing the piano Belinda enjoys playing with blocks Blake got promoted He enjoys fishing He also helps with cooking Belinda also loves to dance Arabella… Continue reading Chapter 4.5- Another Baby