Chapter 5.14- Christmas

Aiden is a good boy and listens to his teachers, following their instructions even when they are not there. Which is good as it improves his performance. Andy reported some bugs he found in the software at work and got a job performance boost. Betsy decided to change careers as her current one didn’t provide… Continue reading Chapter 5.14- Christmas

Chapter 5.13- A teenager

I wonder how these children keep losing their toys. Aiden had his Birthday and is now a Teenager, he loves to be outside and wants to fall in love and get married He decided he wanted a job where he could work with his hands He still loves to make snowmen out in the snow.… Continue reading Chapter 5.13- A teenager

Chapter 5.12- Winter Fun

It was quite a warm day for Autumn, so Andy took Archer to the paddling pool that was brought for his birthday and let him splash around in it. Betsy is becoming quite the cook and can now cook Stir-fry and give tips to help others improve their own cooking. Andy has started helping in… Continue reading Chapter 5.12- Winter Fun

Chapter 5.11- Goodbye Blake

Betsy and Amanda are quite close and Amanda loves hanging around with Betsy and talking about her day. Amanda soon become upset after losing a much loved toy but after some encouragement she went on a search for it again. The children love when Grandma babysits them, they get to stay up late and eat… Continue reading Chapter 5.11- Goodbye Blake

Chapter 5.10- Choices, Choices, Choices

Archer is doing really well at toilet training and most days will take himself to the potty after waking up. Arabella got a chance card at work, she made the right decision though and improved her performance at work Aiden is doing well at school and got a B on his report card. Betsy had… Continue reading Chapter 5.10- Choices, Choices, Choices

Chapter 5.9- Needy Children

Alayna is very close with granddad Blake and is always running over to hug and chat with him. Amanda decided that she wants to be a Scout and get badges for all the things that she does already such as Art and Cleaning. She also needed some advice over what Viodcritter is best, I don’t… Continue reading Chapter 5.9- Needy Children

Chapter 5.8- A new job

Aiden still loves to dance Blake enjoys playing the violin Betsy repaired the bath Arabella did laundry She also got a chance card at work Betsy decided to become a criminal She does flashcards with Amanda She goes into labour and her 4th child and 2nd son is born. Alayna loves to tell funny stories… Continue reading Chapter 5.8- A new job