Chapter 6.7- More Toddlers

Daniel played dolls with daisy Alayna and Daniel both got promoted Dara enjoyed building with blocks Dana was soon a toddler and got her mums eyes but otherwise is her daddy’s image. Dana loves the ball pit and can spend hours in it just throwing balls around. She also likes to play with the stacking… Continue reading Chapter 6.7- More Toddlers

Chapter 6.6- Birthdays

Soon it was time for Dara’s Birthday. A cake was baked and a small party was held at home. Dara got some great presents too. Betsy worked on her youngest granddaughters communication skills Dara is a great student and always does her homework She did need some advice though and she was encouraged to help.… Continue reading Chapter 6.6- Birthdays

Chapter 6.5- A houseful of toddlers

Dave and Daisy were soon adorable little toddlers. They both got brown eyes but they are totally different. Dave has his mum’s hair and dad’s skin whereas Daisy has her mums skin and dads hair. Dave loves the ball pit in the toddlers room and is always jumping and rolling in it. He also loves… Continue reading Chapter 6.5- A houseful of toddlers

Chapter 6.4- Promotions Galore

Alayna collected some honey from the bees. Daniel played the guitar, he would need to practise for when he was a famous musician. Alayna got a promotion. She now actually worked in the field, she hoped her pregnancy wouldn’t hinder her work. Dara loves to dance Daniel got a promotion, he is working his way… Continue reading Chapter 6.4- Promotions Galore

Chapter 6.3- Skill Building

Dara loves pretending to be a race car driver racing around the tracks and winning the race. Betsy loves the new gym and can spend hours in it working out and keeping fit for work. Alayna wants her daughter to grow up well so enjoys doing flashcards with her. Daniel taught his daughter how to… Continue reading Chapter 6.3- Skill Building

Chapter 6.2- Hello Dara

Daniel loves music and wants to be a famous musical so he joined the entertainer career. Alayna’s pregnancy has become quite hard and she spends a lot of time throwing up and not just in the morning all the time It doesn’t seem to affect her work, she got a promotion She even still cooks… Continue reading Chapter 6.2- Hello Dara

Chapter 6.1- New Neighbours

Alayna decided to join the secret agent career. She got a chance card and thankfully made the right choice improving her performance. Archer decided to do the easy assignment and was able to improve his grades. Archer decided to try and hack his school servers so of course he needed to be punished. Some new… Continue reading Chapter 6.1- New Neighbours