Chapter 7.3- Another Boy

Alayna bonded with her youngest by playing dolls with him. She also potty trained him Darena did some painting She also started potty training Landon Alayna played the piano Liam and Lucas made a snow pal together Liam and Landon chatted together Lucas enjoys jumping in trash Darena cooked some dinner She also went into… Continue reading Chapter 7.3- Another Boy

Chapter 7.2- Triple the toddlers, triple the fun

Darena was soon expecting her 3rd child. She and Lucas decided to bulldoze the old house and bluith a more spacious one with plenty of space for the children. Soon the twins were toddlers and identical so they got different hair do’s They are very different though. Landon prefers imaginative games with dolls whereas Liam… Continue reading Chapter 7.2- Triple the toddlers, triple the fun

Chapter 7.1-Creative Careers

Darena and Lucas were soon quite serious about each other and shared their first kiss, soon after, Lucas joined the family when he moved in. They started working on their family right away. Darena was soon pregnant and couldn’t wait to meet the newest arrival Lucas decided to join the writer career He loves to… Continue reading Chapter 7.1-Creative Careers

Chapter 6.18- Passing the torch

Daniel and Alayna enjoy watching the clouds. Alayna practised her chess skills Darena had her birthday and became an adult but can’t take over yet until we find out what the baby is. She loved bowling though and all her presents. She does like to be alone. She decided to join the painter career She… Continue reading Chapter 6.18- Passing the torch

Chapter 6.17- Birthdays Galore

Dave practised his llama skills Soon it was time for the twins and Daniel’s birthday. They had the party at the bowling alley. Daniel became an elder and the twins became adults moving out of the family home. They also had lots of fun playing bowling even with the mishaps. Dana has been improving her… Continue reading Chapter 6.17- Birthdays Galore

Chapter 6.16- A house of Teenagers

Dana loves to gossip on the forums Darena is a very active child who loves swinging across the monkey bars She also loves swimming Daniel and Alayna did some dancing Darena danced too Alayna took a trip to the spice festival where she enjoyed trying new foods and meeting up with her eldest. She and… Continue reading Chapter 6.16- A house of Teenagers

Chapter 6.15- The New House

The Family had a lot of money so a new house was purchased and built on the family plot. Daisy decided to do some cooking Darena enjoys building with the blocks. Daniel cooked the family some dinner and improved his cooking. Alayna did some reading Daniel made some music Daisy played some chess Daniel mentored… Continue reading Chapter 6.15- The New House