Chapter 5.5- Moving on

Sara completed her final term Sara did some repairs She had her birthday Sara went to her graduation ceremony She also completed her aspiration she got a job she worked on her robotics Leon worked on his school project she did some tasks for work Leon became a perfectionist as a young adult. He will… Continue reading Chapter 5.5- Moving on

Chapter 5.2- Toddler Fun

Soon Leon was an adorable toddler he enjoys experimenting with his creativity He also likes to dance He also likes to go exploring in the cupboards He is doing well with his toilet training Sara enrolled in Uni Sara works on her homework Leon enjoys blocks play Sloane does flashcards with him Sara enjoys relaxing… Continue reading Chapter 5.2- Toddler Fun

Chapter 5.1- Additions

Sara cooks some dinner for the family She and Toby are quite close and they enjoy spending time together The shower is where they like to have fun Sara was soon expecting she enjoys playing video games and chatting online with her friends she pays the bills She also enjoys going out dancing she made… Continue reading Chapter 5.1- Additions

Chapter 5.16- Birthday Party Train

Soon it was time for little Archer to become a teenager too, Betsy and Andy threw him a party at the local community centre. Betsy was able to catch up with Brother Boris and Sister Belinda, The family also enjoyed singing and playing Video games. The children also got to meet their Aunt and Uncle.… Continue reading Chapter 5.16- Birthday Party Train

Chapter 5.15- Advice Train

Betsy has been on a fitness phrase recently and is becoming quite the Athlete. Aiden did some gardening Amanda has becoming quite the rebel lately and has been using her phone is school. Andy got a promotion. Archer is becoming quite cheeky and tried to get out of doing his homework., Amanda and Aiden are… Continue reading Chapter 5.15- Advice Train