Chapter 1.4- Childhood

Josie decided to play in the toilet.

Uku did some exersize.

Mai got promoted

The new house.

James was soon a child. He rolled the child of the ocean trait and his aspiration is rambantious scamp.

Jack enjoys playing on the new monkey bars

The boys enjoy dancing

Josie ropes daddy into playing dolls with her.

Josie also likes to play with blocks.

Jack completed his 2nd aspiration.

Maya still loves to babble away

she also likes to build with blocks and then knock them down.

James did some art

family love

an adult now

Jack played the piano

Uku got promoted

Another aspiration down and onto the final one.

a confident room was added to the family house

The girls became children. Josie rolled Lazy and her aspiration is Whiz Kid. Maya rolled Cat Lover and her aspiration is Artistic prodigy

The boys are doing great in school even if Jack thinks hes a bear

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