Chapter 1.6- Bonding Time


Amie is a very studious child who always does his homework without being asked.


Amie also loves to visit the library and meet new people. She also developed her social skill.


She even met a new friend there who she loves to chat and be funny with.


Amie soon developed her skill to level 4


Alise is halfway through developing her video game skill


Alise and Nobuya are still as romantic as ever and are always finding time to be together.


Nobuya wanted another baby so they tried for their 2nd child. They hope that Amie would like to be a big sister.


Nobuya is now allowed to operate the x-ray machines and the treadmills at work. Soon he will be able to diagnose and treat patients himself.


Amie still loves to play games with the little characters and she is very imaginative and creative.


She is still very much a daddy’s girl and loves to chatter away to him.


She also still chats to her mum and likes to talk about the baby with her.


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