Chapter 1.4- The Fire


Amie enjoys looking at the pictures in her books and retelling the stories from them


Alise got another promotion, soon more rooms will be able to be added.


Amie can now climb stairs, good thing that the family can’t afford them


Alise finds changing her daughters diaper quite a challenge


Amie loves bath time but Alise not so much as her daughter loves to splash the water everywhere


The sink broke down so Nobuya had to fix it as they can’t afford a repairman


They started teaching their daughter how to use the potty


Amie loves to talk to her dad about her day and he mostly understands her

9 (2).png

She also loves it when he plays with her especially when he spins her round and round in the air


Alise had to put out a fire after she burnt her breakfast


They finally had enough money to buy a computer so Alise can do her programming from home


It was soon daddies time to bath Amie and he didn’t seem to care about getting wet


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