Chapter 1.2- The Arrival


I was doing really well with my programming and I had even learnt to hack which come in quite useful when our funds were low and we needed to pay the bills. I needed the water and power to stay on so I could cook and we could wash and keep the place clean.


I had got quite good with my cooking and  now knew how to make mac n cheese, it was quick and I could cook lots and store them in the fridge for when I was working and was too tired and tense after work to cook.


Nobuya finally found an internship at our local hospital. He hopes to one day become a actual doctor but for now this is a great start.


I received my frist promotion and it came with a free coffee maker so I would always have engery, well before I crashed that it, now I just need to get some coffee beans, mostly the decaf kind as I am pregnant and don’t want to harm the baby.


Nobuya still loved to go to the libarby to read. It is his dream to be a nerd brain after all. As well as being a bookworm, he is also outgoing so he liked going there to meet to new people and being neat, he always ensures the books are put away.


With my promotion,  we were able to buy a dining set to eat our food at so we wouldn’t have to sweep the bed of crumbs every night before  bed.


My cooking skills are coming on well and I have been learning many new recipes, I want to be able to cook healthy meals for my baby when he or she has born


Nobuya has also started learning to cook as my pregnancy has been making it harder to stand up for long periods of time with the backaches and nausea and I become tired quite easily and spend a lot of time sleeping.


We both love to spend time at the libarby, Nobuya loves to play chess and is getting quite good at it, Me not quite so much but I play with him for support.


Soon Nine months had passed and I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. I called her Amie she is an adorable little angel even if I have forget what sleep is as she constantly needs attention or feeding.


I got another promotion which is a good thing as little Amie is growing in leaps and bounds and will soon be a toddler and will need more toys and books to entertain her.


My programming is doing well too and I can now make viruses for money.



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