Chapter 1.1- A New Home


Hello Everyone. My Name is Alise Star and I moved to the lovely town of Willow Creek to start my adult life. I love to read, I seem to get into quite a lot of accidents being clumsy and am quite a Geek. I love computers and want to master them and want to be a computer whiz. I grew up in a orphanage after my parents were killed in a fire when I was only two years old and I want to start a legacy so my name can to carried on. My name will only be carried on my youngest biological daughter.


I had a small inheritance from my parents life insurance but the only lot I could afford was this one which I plan for myself and my future generations to build onto. I can’t afford much at the moment so I splurged on a really comfortable bed, a fridge, counter and a toilet seeing as hunger and bladder needs are very vital and I will need energy to do well.


I would need money so I pulled out my phone and searched the wanted ads for a position. There was a position in a local tech company, I could work with my favorite thing computers and hopefully one day be a gamer as I had always dreamed, I eagerly accepted the job.


My task for my job was to test video games out so I headed down to the local library and signed into the website I had been given and start playing the games I had been told to test out. I even gained some skill in video gaming.


Whilst I was playing games on the computer, I saw this interesting man and we started up a conversation, I Learned his Name was  Nobuya Noshida and he like me loved to read. I even told some jokes and funny stories to him and gained the comedy skill.


I spent most of the day in that library testing them video games and soon I had improved my video gaming skill.


I also spent some time getting to know Nobuya and soon we were good friends. I then headed home as I was feeling quite peckish.


I had no cooker at present so I had to make myself a salad, I cut myself with a knife but other then that I think I made quite a yummy meal and I sat on my bed to eat it seeing as I couldn’t afford a dining set or even a table yet. I also gained some cooking skill so once I get a cooker will be able to cook some different recipes.


Me and Nobuya were soon dating and he usually came to visit before and after work and my days off. We talked about our love of books and learning. We hugged and soon we began dating. Time passed and we decided to have a quiet marriage on the lawn and Nobuya moved in.


We celebrated our love in our new bed, I had sold my comfy single and bought this double bed, a shower and  a cooker with the proceeds.


I had been feeling sick and throwing up most mornings, I had been having weird cravings for like chips in tea and chocolate so I went to the doctor. I was expecting my 1st child. I couldn’t wait for them to be born despite the fact they would start their lives on the lawn. They would be happy and loved.


I did my programming and video game testing at the libarby as we were saving up for the baby and couldn’t really spend money on computers, Nobuya did his reading here too, he was studying to become a doctor.


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