Chapter 5.6- Growing Older

Boris decided to play a game Aiden decides to explore outside and luckily the butler finds him before he gets too far. Andy gets a chance card Aiden sneaks out and makes a mess Arabella is now an elder Andy is an adult Betsy and Andy both want another child Alayna and Aiden are quite… Continue reading Chapter 5.6- Growing Older

Chapter 5.5- Bye Boris

Arabella doesn’t want her eldest grandchild to feel left out so spends time with him every day chatting to him. Amanda loves crawling through the tunnels Alayna prefers the dolls house Arabella did flashcard with Alayna Blake became an elder Betsy improved her cooking, lets hope she don’t set fire to the stove any more.… Continue reading Chapter 5.5- Bye Boris

Chapter 5.4- Visiting Space

Now that she wasn’t pregnant, Betsy was able to climb into the spaceship and explore space. Arabella decided to visit the gym on her lunch break The living room is always busy, Aiden likes to snack there whilst he watches cartoons, Betsy likes to play chess and Blake enjoys dancing. Blake loves jumping in trash… Continue reading Chapter 5.4- Visiting Space

Chapter 5.3- Twins

Blake decided to go swimming, he did improve his fitness Betsy worked on the rocket Blake got a chance card Boris needed Advice Andy and Blake both got promotions Boris got a chance card As did Andy Aiden became a toddler that is the image of his daddy. Arabella started potty training him Soon after… Continue reading Chapter 5.3- Twins

Chapter 5.2- Decisions, Decisions

Boris is doing great at school. Blake got a chance card and had to pick a choice, Soon Betsy went into labour and had a beautiful baby boy She was soon pregnant again, she needs a girl to continue the legacy after all. Arabella got a raise Betsy made some sculptures Andy decided to choose… Continue reading Chapter 5.2- Decisions, Decisions

Chapter 5.1- Adding to the family

Betsy and mum Arabella are still close and can often be found having cosy chats whilst eating their meals or over deserts and treats such as popcorn and ice-cream. They also like to play chess together. Arabella currently wins but Betsy is getting better and hopes to win soon. Betsy has become quite close with… Continue reading Chapter 5.1- Adding to the family

Chapter 4.9- Passing the torch

Arabella went to a dance party at the bluffs She gave some advice She and Blake did some dancing Blake used the climbing wall Boris became a Teenager Betsy did some reading She also made a knife block and a mirror She even upgraded the toilet Soon the twins were Young Adults, Belinda moved out… Continue reading Chapter 4.9- Passing the torch