Chapter 3.13- Achievements

Arabella mastered being a social butterfly and now wants to be a creative visionary She loves playing with this cute green dragon Adam got time out for smashing the dolls house He enjoys hitting the dino when he is angry Arabella enjoys playing the piano Alec enjoys fishing Adam repaired the bath Alec was soon… Continue reading Chapter 3.13- Achievements

Chapter 3.12- Teens arrive

Arabella loves to chat Julie did some cooking Arabella and Aric are doing well at school Julie got promoted Adam became a teenager and is living in the wrong house with that trait Albert is doing great school Arabella cleaned up some mess She is doing great at school too She made a mess Adam… Continue reading Chapter 3.12- Teens arrive

Chapter 3.11- Finally no more toddlers

The twins enjoy playing with their new tablets Aric likes spying on the neighbourhood Julie did some cooking Adam mastered creativity Julie did some more repairing She played chess with Aric Adam needed advice Aaron became an Adult The twins became children Arabella made a new friend Aric is doing well in school. Julie is… Continue reading Chapter 3.11- Finally no more toddlers

Chapter 3.10- Returning to the workforce

Adam achieved his aspiration He loves to sit on the monkey bars Arabella chats with older brother Aric Alec gets an A Arabella dances Arabella and Aric eat their lunch on the sofa with their hands Aric is soon a child Julie gets promoted They only have two toddlers at home now and have found… Continue reading Chapter 3.10- Returning to the workforce

Chapter 3.9- Advice Train

Adam is doing well in school Alec wants to be a pirate Alec and Adam work on school projects together Adam gets some advice Julie spends some time with Aric Adam takes part in a spelling bee. The twins explore their toys. Albert is the imaginative one wheras Arabella is more of a thinker The… Continue reading Chapter 3.9- Advice Train

Chapter 3.8- The Pool

Adam likes pretending to explore space He also loves swimming in the new pool Julie did some repairs Adam used the monkeybars Julie now aspires to be rich Aaron completed his aspiration He wants to be rich too The twins became adorable toddlers. A new nanny arrives Aaron does some repairs Alec becomes a child… Continue reading Chapter 3.8- The Pool

Chapter 3.7- Double the tears

Alec and Adam love playing with dolls together Aric is going to be a fun toddler A nanny was hired to help out, three toddlers are hard work and Julie is having a difficult pregnancy Julie got promoted Adam became a child Megen came to visit and Alec got to meet his Grandmother Adam still… Continue reading Chapter 3.7- Double the tears