Chapter 8.2- Promotions

Aron loves to use the slip n slide at night

Soon Zuri went into labour and Zackery was born

That didn’t stop her hard work and she was soon promoted and got a free tablet to draw out ideas.

Aron also got promoted

he started working on his bartending skills

Zuri worked on the garden

she also started making some objects

she sometimes had mishaps

she enjoys cooking breakfast

Zuri recycled some objects the family don’t use

Zuri got promoted

Zackery was soon an adorable toddler who loves to hug

Leon started potty training his grandson right away.

Chapter 8.1- Bye’s and Hello’s

Honey died of old age

Aron went on a date with Zuri and had his first kiss.

he cooked breakfast for the family

Aron and Zuri soon got married and she joined the family

Zuri wanted to improve the world

She recycled some items the family no longer used.

Aron got promoted

Zuri played some chess

and did some gardening

Zuri and Aron were soon expecting their first child.

Audrey got promoted

Leon did some repairs

Zuri enjoys swimming

Zuri did some repairs.

Chapter 7.6- Passing on the torch

Caiden repairs the bath

Honey is an elder

Araina fills up the pet feeder

she also gives honey a treat

Audrey has her birthday

as does Araina who loves perfection and wants to be a nerd brain

Audrey got promoted, she decided to stay in hands on teaching

Ariana and Aron enjoy dancing

Audrey writes a paper

Ariana enjoys chess

she repairs

Cullen and his wife have a daughter

Aron applies for University

He uses the slip n slide

Audrey gets promoted

Audrey practices her lecture

Araina does her school project

The vet clinic is sold

Aron has his birthday and is now in charge. He rolls the Romantic trait.

Chapter 7.5- Winter-

Cayla does some painting

she also bonds with Honey

Aron does the dishes

Caiden repaired the stove

The children made a snowpal

Cayla died

Caiden became an adult

Aron was soon a teen who likes to meet new people and wants to be a mixologist.

He starts on his homework right away

He repairs

Aron makes some drinks

Caiden repairs

Ariana dances

Aron cooks

Chapter 7.4- Summer fun

Aron was soon a child who likes to borrow things without asking

Audrey plays with her daughter

she helps her son with his homework

Aron enjoys using the swings

Caiden repairs

and cooks

Duchess gets taken away.

Ariana plays with toys

Caiden is a great vet

Cullen and his wife adopted a little boy

Ariana becomes a child who will eat anything

Audrey cooks

she gets promoted

Aron decided to play in the rain in the freezing cold in just his swimwear, thankfully he made it home

Chapter 7.3- Messes

Aron was happy to meet his new sister

He loves to dance

Ariana is a silly toddler

Duchess is soon an eldery dog

potty training time

Ariana plays with Duchess

she also enjoys playing with dolls

Caiden tucks her in

Caiden enjoys playing video games

Audrey works on her debate skill

Ariana enjoys dancing

and making messes

Leon dies

Aron makes messes too

Audrey gets promoted

Cayla is an elder

Chapter 7.2- Family Bonds-

Caiden repairs the bath

Cullen becomes a Snob and moved out

Audrey was soon pregannt#

The family enjoy watching tv

Cayla gets promoted

Aron is soon a toddler who is wild

Caiden potty trains

the pets get bathed

repairs get done

Audrey gets promoted

Caiden goes out dancing

Aron plays with Honey

He loves uncle Cullen

He also likes getting in trouble

Leon is an elder

Araina is born

Audrey does some work

Chapter 7.1- A new business

The Family adopted a cat called Honey

Caiden plays with Honey

he reapirs the sink

Audrey and Caiden get married

Audrey was soon pregnant

She decided to go in education

Caiden cooks

Cayla paints

Caiden opens a small neighbourhood vets clinic

Audrey does some research

Cayla paints

dancing fun

Honey has a birthday

Audrey does some grading of her students homework

Caiden dances

He takes duchess on a walk

Audrey gets promoted

Aron is born

Caiden hires an assisant

he makes some dinner.

Chapter 6.9- Passing the torch

Caiden soon shared his first kiss with Audrey

The gym was used

Cullen is a great student

Caiden made a snow pal

he also enjoys dancing

The boys work on thier school projects

a snowpal is destroyed

Leon gets promoted

he also masters cooking

He repairs the tv

Caiden puts out a fire his brother starts

Caiden soon has his Young Adult birthday. He adds Art Lover to Snob and Lazy and top notch toddler. His aspiration is To be friend of the animals. He will now be leading the legacy.