Chapter 5.10- Choices, Choices, Choices

Archer is doing really well at toilet training and most days will take himself to the potty after waking up. Arabella got a chance card at work, she made the right decision though and improved her performance at work Aiden is doing well at school and got a B on his report card. Betsy had… Continue reading Chapter 5.10- Choices, Choices, Choices

Chapter 5.9- Needy Children

Alayna is very close with granddad Blake and is always running over to hug and chat with him. Amanda decided that she wants to be a Scout and get badges for all the things that she does already such as Art and Cleaning. She also needed some advice over what Viodcritter is best, I don’t… Continue reading Chapter 5.9- Needy Children

Chapter 5.8- A new job

Aiden still loves to dance Blake enjoys playing the violin Betsy repaired the bath Arabella did laundry She also got a chance card at work Betsy decided to become a criminal She does flashcards with Amanda She goes into labour and her 4th child and 2nd son is born. Alayna loves to tell funny stories… Continue reading Chapter 5.8- A new job

Good News

Well it only took two days but I had my motherboard replaced and also had to have my ram replaced as it died with the overheating too. I am now going to check my games to make sure nothing was lost and hopefully will be able to update tommorow


I was playing Sims 3 when my laptop overheated and shut off then wouldn’t come back on. I took it in the shop and they said the graphic card had fried itself basically and it’s no longer sold individually so I have to get a whole new motherboard which is going to take at least… Continue reading Hiatus

Chapter 5.7- Childhood

Aiden loves to dance Arabella got a raise Aiden and Amanda played with dolls together Betsy improved her logic Aiden becomes a child and he wants a dog. Betsy used the microscope Aiden did some artwork Andy plays video games Betsy finally wins a game of chess against her mum She completed her aspiration Aiden… Continue reading Chapter 5.7- Childhood

Chapter 5.6- Growing Older

Boris decided to play a game Aiden decides to explore outside and luckily the butler finds him before he gets too far. Andy gets a chance card Aiden sneaks out and makes a mess Arabella is now an elder Andy is an adult Betsy and Andy both want another child Alayna and Aiden are quite… Continue reading Chapter 5.6- Growing Older