Chapter 8.13- Goodbyes

Blossom started learning to play the violin Beau became a teen who loves dogs Lauryn started potty training her youngest Billy loves to chatter away to the dinosaur in his brothers room. Bailey became a Young Adult who loves video games. He moved out. Billy likes to play with the cat toy Blossom enjoys science… Continue reading Chapter 8.13- Goodbyes

Chapter 8.12- Fame

Blossom played a spelling game on the computer Soon it was Summer and a water balloon fight is a great way to cool off Lauryn got a part in a great new drama and she did great she is becoming quite known too Blossom achieved her 2nd aspiration Lauryn took up boxing Billy Is now… Continue reading Chapter 8.12- Fame

Chapter 8.11- Aspirations

Lauryn enjoys making video’s Blossom loves to dance Lauryn has a lot of movie roles now and gets gold often Basil likes to use the home gym to work out Blossom created her aspiration Lauryn was between gigs so cooked dinner for the family. She has been busy with movies and ads and tv shows… Continue reading Chapter 8.11- Aspirations

Chapter 8.10- The Surprise

Family swimming fun The boys like to play chess together even if they spend more time chatting then actually playing. Little Blossom soon joined her brothers in childhood Basil became a teenager adding clumsy to his personality Beau enjoys playing ” Superhero’s to the rescue” What an imagination he has. Blossom likes to create art… Continue reading Chapter 8.10- The Surprise

Chapter 8.9-Winter Fun

Darena passed away of old age Lauryn started teaching her daughter to use the potty Beau and Blossom had fun Lauryn started teaching her daughter some new words she repaired the bathroom sink Beau became a child Lauryn reads Blossom a bedtime story Bailey is doing great in school Blossom enjoys drawing on her tablet… Continue reading Chapter 8.9-Winter Fun

Chapter 8.8- Oppurtunties.

Lauryn is doing great at work Soon she went into labour and her 5th and final child was born. Meet Little Blossom. Lauryn got a award for her acting Beau and Baxter had fun dancing Baxter was soon a child too Breaker got offered the chance to perform on tv. It went great and he… Continue reading Chapter 8.8- Oppurtunties.

Chapter 8.7- Dancing Fun

Lauryn is doing well at work despite being constantly pregnant Bailey is a good student Basil loves listening to stories Bailey loves to go swimming Soon Basil became a child who loves to clean Lauryn was soon pregnant again and she hoped for a girl Family dance party Lauryn still likes to keep in shape… Continue reading Chapter 8.7- Dancing Fun