Chapter 1.3- Birthdays

James became a toddler. He rolled the Charmer trait The boys are able to entertain themselves and prefers to be near to each other as they play. Mai got promoted The twins were born, Meet Maya and Josie-Lea. Mai did some painting, they needed some money for the twins to have their own room after… Continue reading Chapter 1.3- Birthdays

Chapter 1.2- A home

Soon Jack was born. repairs were needed The spare was soon on it’s way Some cooking was done thankfully no fires were started Jack became a toddler, he rolled the Angelic trait Promotions Mai reads her son to sleep in his new bedroom The house is coming along nicely. It now has a bathroom, two… Continue reading Chapter 1.2- A home

Chapter 1.1- Starting Out

Well, I decided to start a new legacy using my original legacy sim, Mai-Jayne Diamond. Her traits are Family Oriented, Bookworm and creative. Her Aspiration is Big Happy Family. The Succession laws is Equality, Strict Tradition and Frist Born. She is going to live in willow creek and this is what she has to start… Continue reading Chapter 1.1- Starting Out

Chapter 10.3- The End

Blossom died of old age Destiny is a good student Mirabel got promoted Damon became an adult The Family had a water fight The children love to dance Douglas was soon a teenager Mirabel reached the top of her career More birthdays. Learning the guitar skill Fun in the snow Douglas became a young adult… Continue reading Chapter 10.3- The End

Chapter 10.2- Summer Fun

Destiny enjoys playing with dolls Blossom was soon an elder She retired Promotions Learning time Douglas was soon a child He enjoys playing video games He also enjoys playing on the slip n slide in the new water play area he enjoys playing with the dolls house too Blossom helped her granddaughter with her thinking… Continue reading Chapter 10.2- Summer Fun

Chapter 10.1- Starting Out

Mirabel got a job Mirabel and Damon went on a date to the bowling alley. They also got married. Damon got a job too He wants to be a mixologist so started making some drinks Mirabel got promoted She was soon pregnant Blossom did some working out Douglas was born Blossom did some running on… Continue reading Chapter 10.1- Starting Out

Chapter 9.6- Passing the Torch

Mira works on her gaming Blossom reached the top of her career Blossom did some repairs Blossom worked on her garden Mira joined a club Mira got promoted Some epic fails on the water slip n slide Blossom completed her aspiration Mira became a Young Adult ready to begin the final generation of the Star… Continue reading Chapter 9.6- Passing the Torch