Chapter 2.3- Birthdays

Amaya was soon expecting the spare Alek enjoys being imaginative Repairs were done Alek was soon a child who likes to make everyone laugh. He also loves to chatter away to the bear He also enjoys playing literacy games on the pc Soon little Aric was born. Alek watched some tv Cleaning was done Aric… Continue reading Chapter 2.3- Birthdays

Chapter 2.2- Goodbyes

Jack is a very hands on dad. Amaya did some painting Ukupanipo became an elder he retired Alek became a clingy toddler Amaya started potty training him Mai-Jayne did some yoga Amaya did some repairs Alek loves the slide Rose is an adult dog Jack got promoted more toilet training Rose loves to play in… Continue reading Chapter 2.2- Goodbyes

Chapter 2.1- Starting Out

Jack decided to become a writer Maya started learning to play the guitar. Mai-Jayne did some yoga Jack invited over his girlfriend Amaya over now she was of age. He proposed and they got married. They then did some celebrating They were soon expecting Jack did some fireworks to celebrate his impending fatherhood Amaya decided… Continue reading Chapter 2.1- Starting Out

Chapter 1.6- Family Love

Jack still loves his family and hugs them despite being a teenager James is a big help around the house The girls enjoy playing chess together Ukupanipo did some repairs too Maya used the monkey bars The twins became teenagers. Maya rolled Music lover to add to Cat lover. Her aspiration is Body Builder. Josie… Continue reading Chapter 1.6- Family Love

Chapter 1.5- Teens

Josie did some art Jack played chess with his dad Maya also enjoys art Jack completed his final aspiration James is doing great in school Maya loves the snow Mai mastered painting Jack enjoyed playing in the snow. Jack was soon a teenager. He rolled Self-Assured adding it to Creative. His aspiration is Fabously wealthy.… Continue reading Chapter 1.5- Teens

Chapter 1.4- Childhood

Josie decided to play in the toilet. Uku did some exersize. Mai got promoted The new house. James was soon a child. He rolled the child of the ocean trait and his aspiration is rambantious scamp. Jack enjoys playing on the new monkey bars The boys enjoy dancing Josie ropes daddy into playing dolls with… Continue reading Chapter 1.4- Childhood

Chapter 1.3- Birthdays

James became a toddler. He rolled the Charmer trait The boys are able to entertain themselves and prefers to be near to each other as they play. Mai got promoted The twins were born, Meet Maya and Josie-Lea. Mai did some painting, they needed some money for the twins to have their own room after… Continue reading Chapter 1.3- Birthdays