Chapter 4.7- Birthdays

Boris was soon a toddler The girls love doing their homework in the toddler room Boris loves the new butler Betsy loves being a pirate Blake got promoted Arabella met and had some bonding time with her niece Boris played dolls And chatted with the butler Arabella got promoted She had some bonding time with… Continue reading Chapter 4.7- Birthdays

Chapter 4.6- A boy

Blake got promoted Betsy played dolls with mummy Arabella got promoted And just in time too as she gave birth to her son Boris. The girls became children and got different hairstyles as they are still identical. Family dance party The girls are very close and are always playing together and sharing hugs. Blake loves… Continue reading Chapter 4.6- A boy

Chapter 4.5- Another Baby

Blake is quite the hands on dad and even helps at bath times Arabella got a chance card She was soon expecting again, she hopes for a boy. She likes playing the piano Belinda enjoys playing with blocks Blake got promoted He enjoys fishing He also helps with cooking Belinda also loves to dance Arabella… Continue reading Chapter 4.5- Another Baby

Chapter 4.4- Goodbye Julie

The twins seem to get dirty a lot so Arabella spends a lot of time being splashed. Arabella completed her sixth Aspiration She chose her next one Betsy adores daddy Blake and always runs to him for playtime when he finishes work Belinda prefers to play in the doll’s house in the children’s room. Arabella… Continue reading Chapter 4.4- Goodbye Julie

Chapter 4.3- Family outings

Julie reached the top of her career Arabella also got promoted Belinda and Betsy became toddlers and are in fact identical. They have their dads hair but their mums skin and eyes. Betsy loves climbing through the tunnels to the top of the playgym. Belinda prefers babbling away to the bears Blake got promoted Arabella… Continue reading Chapter 4.3- Family outings

Chapter 4.2- Double the love

Blakes parent’s decided to have another baby despite the fact they will be elders in 10 days and already have a child and teenager at home. Blake being a Foodie decided to join the culinary career. He also started making his first meal, Mac n cheese for Dinner Arabella got promoted and decided to join… Continue reading Chapter 4.2- Double the love

Chapter 4.1- Dating and Marriage

Arabella played video games to get her fun up and also to waste time until she could invite Blake over and make their realsionship official. She also joined the critic career Soon it was the daytime and Arabella greeted Blake with a kiss. She also told some jokes and they became besties Then they got… Continue reading Chapter 4.1- Dating and Marriage